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Jaxon Reed
Jaxon Reed

[FULL] Starcraft Gundam Century ((HOT))

*This mod has NOT been fully tested. If you see any problem then feel free to post about it.*I did NOT make this mod. I just made a custom executable based on firegraph for the sole purpose to make it work on starcraft brood war 1.16.1 so you will not have to spend countless hours for an alternate method that implies using two programs.*The Original source of the mod is from 'Gundam Century' mod db page, which is the outdated version of the mod that is only compatible to old starcraft version.*The icon of the executable is from Warcraft 3. I made this in a rush and the only ico. file I could find was that one.*I used Firegraft for 1.16.1 to make the patch, not to be confused with the outdated version (1.15)

[FULL] Starcraft Gundam Century



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